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Information Technology Development Services

Accept full responsibility for getting things done – self motivated

Highly experienced – began with MS Access v1.0 in 1993

Strong on complex queries/reports and VBA code – object oriented

SQL Server 2000 and 2005 Development

DAO and ADO connections to Jet and SQL Server

Strong on problem solving – an engineer by inclination and training

Complex applications – analysis, design and implementation

Integration with QuickBooks via SDK (XML)

Visual Basic (VB6)

Active Server Pages (ASP)



'Rainbow Link Manager' for Access applications
Rainbow Link Manager

'Program Launcher' - application deployment and version reporting tool for network environments

Handy, object oriented development utilities - VB/VBA class modules to reduce coding effort and facilitate error handling:

– 'File Thing' - convenience wrapper for the ‘File System Object’

- 'Simple Logger' - easy to write log files - uses the File Thing

- 'DAO Helper' - convenience wrapper for the DAO object - open record set, execute SQL

- others, which find less frequent use than the above workhorses



Data Flow Analysis for reverse engineering Access applications

Parser Development for challenging text interpretation and importation to database



Dick Curtiss



Abazard is the successor to Quelo, whose trademark was sold to another company in 1988.Quelo was, and Abazard now is, a sole propietorship (owner Dick Curtiss) licensed for business in Washington State.There was some electronic engineering work done in the early days of Quelo, but the main focus became software.

Quelo evolved into Quelo, Inc. as a result of developing a product and building up the company to market it.The product, a full featured package for Motorola 68000 family assembly language software development, and Quelo trademark were sold to Avocet Systems, Inc. in 1988.

Quelo and Abazard are made-up names having no intrinsic meaning.A spanish speaking friend pointed out that 'que' and 'lo' would translate from Spanish to 'what' 'this'.How appropriate and totally by chance!

Abazard came from several requirements: float near the top in alphabetical listings, have no intrinsic meaning, unlikely to be in use to avoid trademark squabbles and suitable for possible music product marketing (Abazard published a music book and performed optical music recognition research).



The focus of Abazard since 1993 has been relational database applications, initially MS Access, and now MS SQL Server.There also has been some web development work in ASP with object oriented VBScript coding.Using classes in VBScript helps a lot in taming the mess that is web programming.

I think Access is the best bet for getting things done quickly.It is even good for prototyping applications ultimately destined for other development platforms.Just make sure the functionality code is in modules or classes, not in forms, so it can be more easily moved.



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